Ostia Antica is a nice alternative to Pompeii in a much quieter, more relaxed environment. Includes private guide & train transport.

Tour Highlights

  • Travel back in time with us on this nice, leisurely trip from Rome. You will experience Roman life as it was 1,800 years ago on this half-day visit as an alternate to Pompeii. Some prefer this trip over Pompeii because it’s much closer to Rome, but is also less frequented, so less crowded. Ostia Antica is a small town that once acted as Rome’s main port, and offers fascinating glimpses into ancient Roman life, from their fast food restaurants (and you thought that was only in modern times), to their bath houses.
  • You’ll get a full round-trip on one of our comfortable transports, along with a private guide all the way from beginning to end. Leave the details to us.
  • Time travel will seem real to you, as you witness the well-preserved streets and structures of Ostia Antica. With the stories, anecdotes, and history provided by your Italy by Story professional guide, all you need is a little imagination to feel like you just stepped back in time almost 1,800 years!




Experience first hand what it would have been like to walk the streets of a busy Roman port town in the year 200 A.D. Ostia Antica lies where the Tiber River intersects the sea, and was once Rome’s main port. It’s easy to imagine toga-clad Romans walking the streets here, city workers to protect the city, port workers at the docks receiving the olive oil, wine, grain and other treasures from the far reaches of the Roman Empire, and other citizens just milling about with their daily business or enjoying a holiday here. The same things that made Ostia Antica a popular holiday escape for the ancient Romans are still present today, the cool sea breezes and the quiet serene setting still make for the perfect escape from the more bustling Rome, even today!


We’ve selected the best of the expert local guides that will enrich your experience here. You’ll learn to make sense of the mosaics, strange pots, and the structures. So relax, take in the fresh air, and feel the experience come to life from the bathhouse to the amphitheater. You’ll even visit the tavern, complete with a marble bar, the restaurant, a hotel, and public toilets you can actually sit on. You may even find yourself looking down to see if you’re wearing a toga because you will feel so much a part of the life in this ancient little town.


We’ve got it all covered, from the round-trip train tickets from Rome to your entry tickets to Ostia Antica to your friendly and professional tour guide to make for a truly worry free trip for you. Ostia Antica is the perfect spot for those who don’t want to travel all the way to Pompeii, or just want a different kind of adventure.


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This is a daily tour.