VIP access to the Colosseum Underground, arena floor, and more after hours! Avoid the crowds and heat of the day with t;his tour.

Tour Highlights

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, and our exclusive nighttime access allows you to experience it in an intimate way that most never will. You’ll go right into the heart of the underground, walk on the reconstructed arena floor, visit the Roman Forum overlook, and more, all without the crowds, the heat, and the noise of the daytime rush. And you’ll do all this in a small, intimate group with an experienced, friendly, tour guide.




This rare excursion into the Colosseum after hours, and after the crowds, is a special treat. Some 5 million people visit the Colosseum each year, but you’ll be in the minority that gets to see it in a special way. Your guide, and the small group setting, will make for a much enjoyable and relaxed tour than being part of the large daytime crowds. Your guide will share almost unbelievable tales of the Colosseum’s bloody past, and with the nighttime setting and almost empty amphitheater, the tales will seem especially spine-tingling. The much cooler night air is an added bonus to this tour.



You’ll be guided on an exclusive visit to the underground to see where both the animals and the gladiators awaited their turn to fight. This access required pre-booking with a limited number, so this is a rare opportunity indeed! This is definitely the most exclusive and the most enjoyable way to see the Colosseum.

You’ll get your own time in the spotlight as a ‘Roman Gladiator’ on the arena floor. An official Colosseum guard will unlock a special gate for us that will take us into the infamous walkway onto the floor. Your adrenaline may start pumping as you image being one of the gladiators who took this fateful walk. You can only image what they must have been thinking, knowing full well this could be their last walk out into the screaming crowds, or maybe they will live to fight another day?!



In addition to our night tour of the Colosseum we’ll also visit Piazza Venezia and see the building that represents new Rome and new Italy, one of the most beautiful buildings to view at night. Then we’ll walk up to the Capitoline Hill and explore its magnificent square (Piazza del Campidoglio) designed by Michelangelo. From here there is a also a nice vantage point overlooking the Roman Forum, also spectacular lit up in the night sky.

Of course, with your professional guide, you’ll learn a lot about the far reaches of the ancient Roman Empire too. With a true small group and VIP access, this is a trip of a lifetime, and perfect for those who want a little different experience. However this tour sells our months in advance, so talk to an Italy by Story agent to reserve your spot now!


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