This full-day tour begins in Pompeii with a 2.5hr guided tour then to Mt. Vesuvius with special access to the crater and peak.

Tour Highlights

Travel back in time some 2,000 years to the city of Pompeii, Italy. This Roman world was suddenly caught up in an unforeseen disaster that would lock it in time for centuries to come. Buried quickly under a cloud of volcanic ash, along with many of its unfortunate residents, it was all but forgotten for all those centuries until rediscovered in 1599 and unearthed in the 18th century.

You’ll also travel to the highest point of Mt. Vesuvius, explore its crater and witness the stunning panorama over the Bay of Naples.

With our expert local tour guide leading the way, you will find this excursion fascinating and informative, and with pre-reserved tickets, you will not be waiting in the long lines. Many of the local guides have also worked personally on the excavations at Pompeii or Herculaneum, and so can give you even more insight into the artifacts and history of the area. They will take you to the top sites, including the famous death casts, the Roman Forum, and some incredibly well-preserved private houses.

You will also enjoy our private transfer. No waiting on large groups and crowded buses. After a lunch break, your private driver will take you to Mt. Vesuvius. You’ll witness smoke still making its way up through cracks in places, plus you’ll have an incredible view over the Bay of Naples. Did you know that Vesuvius also had a massive eruption in 1944? Very recent in volcano years!




With our expert guides, you’ll visit all of Pompeii’s most popular sites, like the House of the Tragic Poet (with its famous “Beware of the Dog” mosaic, theRoman Forum (home to a beautiful basilica), the Temple of Apollo, along with some foreboding views of Mt. Vesuvius, and, or course, the world-famous plaster casts of those killed by the volcanic eruption.

You’ll also visit some of the lesser known, off the beaten path, sites, far from the crowded touristy areas. Many of these, in our opinion, are the best sites, and with our hand-picked, knowledgeable guides, you’ll get special insight into the archaeology and geology of the region, as well as it’s history. You will feel like you’ve stepped back into ancient Roman times to get a first hand experience of what life was like then.

Some of these sites include a cemetery, with memorials to some of Pompeii’s most important citizens, and the suburban baths where the ancients washed, relaxed, and visited. Not to forget the brothel, but that’s another part of Pompeii’s story…


After we grab a bite of lunch, with some free time for souvenir shopping, we’ll start the trek up the mountain!



Because of its location, next to a population of around 3 million, Mt. Vesuvius is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and there is no better way to see it up close and personal that with our local volcano experts. They will accompany you up the side of the volcano, and then down into the over 2,000 ft wide crater. Not to worry, though, Mt. Vesuvius is very closely monitored, and is closed to the public at the slightest sign of activity, so you are perfectly safe.

You’ll also get exclusive access to the highest point of Vesuvius, where you’ll experience great views of the crater below, as well as breathtaking, panoramic views across the Bay of Naples.



Trying to explore Pompeii on your own can be intimidating and awkward. Many of the sites close regularly, and mane of the signposts are quite illegible, so getting around can be difficult, much less really understanding what you are seeing. However, with our local, expert guides, trained in archaeology and geology (many have worked on the excavations personally), your visit will be very different. You’ll have their vast knowledge to pull from. Go ahead and ask all the questions you want! You’ll learn what the people of Pompeii ate, and even learn of their strange beliefs that, unfortunately, led them into harm’s way when the mountain started to erupt.

Will our personal transports and experienced guides, along with the special access to the peak and crater of Vesuvius, this trip to Pompeii is like no other! We look forward to your adventure with us to explore this ancient Roman city and the infamous mountain that overshadows it.


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