Discover Pompeii and visit the incredible Naples Archaeological Museum, home to fascinating treasures uncovered during excavations.

Tour Highlights

Pompeii is one of the most historically significant sites in the world. Frozen in time during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., it offers an eerie glimpse into the past.

You will enjoy a private, expertly guided, tour of all the best ruins, including the infamous death casts, and then travel by train to Naples Archaeological Museum to see the many incredible artifacts that were removed from the original site. These artifacts will give you even more insight into life in ancient Pompeii.

We’ll provide you with pre-reserved tickets, so you won’t waste time waiting in lines, and you will have your own dedicated tour guide, a local archaeologist, for both stops. Your guide will eagerly answer any questions you might have.




Your local expert guide will bring old Pompeii back to life for you. Learn what life was like here before, during, and after the fateful eruption. We’ll take you to the most popular sites, like the House of the Tragic Poet, with its famous “Cave Canum” (“Beware of the Dog”) mosaic, the brothel, the suburban baths, and the Roman Forum, with its breathtaking basilica and Temple of Apollo. And, of course, the famous plaster casts of those killed in the eruption is included.

The House of Mysteries also awaits you on this tour. It is Pompeii’s most extravagant and beautiful villa, but is rarely visited. You won’t want to miss this most fascinating house from the 2nd century B.C. with its incredibly well preserved frescoes, including a highly controversial painting of what is believed to be a girl’s initiation into marital life.


The artifacts here will add even more insight into life in ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum. Some of these artifacts, like those found in the “secret cabinet”, a room of ancient erotic art and objects, might shock you a bit, so depending on the age and client’s comfort level, visit this room at your own discretion!

However, there are plenty of other ancient, yet incredibly well preserved artworks to admire and study, many as colorful as though they were just freshly painted. Not to mention the fine mosaics that have only recently been reopened to the public! Among these is the famed “Alexander mosaic”, featuring Alexander the Great and Darius the Mede. Also here is the Farnese sculpture collection, including the “Farnese Bull”, the largest single sculpture ever recovered from antiquity. Simply breathtaking!

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