Our expert guides ensure that you get the most from your time in Pompeii, covering all the highlights in just 2.5 hours in a small group.

Tour Highlights

Don’t just see Pompeii, understand it with our professional guide, a local archaeologist, who will point out many things that you would easily overlook on your own. You’ll see all the top sights of this ancient city, including the Roman Forum, ‘fast food’ restaurants, the cemetery, bakery, main street, supermarket, and the plaster death casts of the unfortunate victims of the volcano.


We provide you with pre-reserved tickets, so there’s no waiting in line. Our true small group of 16 or fewer ensures that your visit is intimate and comfortable, and your personal expert guide will ensure that your experience is rich and rewarding. Many of the guides have even worked personally on the excavations at Pompeii. A once thriving Roman metropolis, Pompeii met its fate in 79 A.D., when the nearby Vesuvius erupted, covering the city with its hot ash, along with many of its inhabitants who were caught off guard. Pompeii remained buried for hundreds of years, until it was rediscovered in the 18th century. Your expert guide will take you to visit the best houses, businesses, baths and temples for a trip back in time.




Pompeii is one of the most archaeological significant, and most well known sites of antiquity in the world, and the best way to experience it is with one of our Italy by Story professional guides. They know how to tell the stories that brings it all back to life, and they know where to go. Trying this on your own is just not the same. Pompeii is really spread out, and the signs on the ruins are old and hard to read with only a brief description. Our guides will fill in the missing information and make this trip much more enjoyable and rewarding and educational.


Forget about trying to use a map to find things and figure them out for yourself. Our expert, local archaeologist will guide you right to the best sights, and will give you the background behind them all. You’ll visit the most popular site, like the Roman Forum and a Roman bakery. You’ll learn what the ancients ate and drank, what they did for recreation, and about their sad, misguided beliefs about what was causing all that rumbling beneath their feet and the frequent plumes of ash from the nearby mountain. Of course you’ll also visit the world-famous plaster casts of the ones who were unfortunate enough to not escape, a rather eerie, but intriguing look into what it must have been like to experience this ‘Armageddon’ first hand.



We have hand picked only the best, 5-star, local guides to work with to guarantee that you will squeeze every minute of enjoyment and education from this tour. When you go with Italy by Story you are getting the best! Pompeii is a must see for any Italy trip!


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